Iddono virus – How to stop newfolder disease?

22 Jul

Iddono malware – is a particular type of RAT (Remote access Tool). There are several types of it, for example Iddono1.4b, Iddono 2.0, they exist in the Internet from September 2001. Iddono uses the same basic principle as all RAT: their victim is a computer that is going to be infected with this virus. The hacker-attacker can be from a remote computer. Iddono was written on Delfi programming language.

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The main peculiarity of Iddono is that it gives the remote access to the hackers, creating a hole in the security system of the computer. Through this hole it is very easy for hackers to get your personal information. From all the Trojan types Backdoor Trojans are the most dangerous for user’s computer, because hackers can fully control the infected PC. These programs download themselves, install themselves and run occultly and the user can even not know about it. When Iddono is already on your computer, then the Trojan can get, launch and remove files, gather and send confidential information from your computer and perform any other malicious activity. Iddono is able to download files, run programs and manipulate your system settings.

The reasons of the appearance of Iddono on your computer can be that the security system of your OS and Web browser are too vulnerable for any malware, including Iddono. Or the other reason can be that you don’t stick to secure Internet surfing and PC practices.

There are different signs that confirm the fact that your computer is infected by Iddono. For example you can notice that your computer performance is very slow so that computer loading and the Internet connection are time-consuming processes. Sometimes you can notice the new shortcuts on your Desktop and you are out of all relation that they appear. Every time opening your browser you can be surprised with a new homepage and pop-up ads. And finally Iddono can perform mailing from your e-mail account and you even don’t know about it.

As you can see Iddono is a very problematic issue and it should be removed from your computer anyway. In order to remove Iddono you should delete all the files related to it. You should navigate them and remove by pressing SHIFT+DEL keys:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\

Then do a backup copy of the registry, right-clicking My computer and choosing export. Then you should delete the following registry entries that belong to Iddono:


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And of course it will be easy to download Automatic Iddono removal tool or True Sword! These programs can delete Iddono from your computer automatically and they are a very good solution of the Iddono malware removal problem.

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