Remove virus from pen drive – Instructions

29 Dec

Many problems can appear on your computer if your pen drive is infected. Nowadays pen drives are the easiest way to get a virus on your computer. So, in what way can the virus on your flash drive infect your computer? Many from active viruses can infect your Windows OS as you double-click the pen drive icon in your computer. Any flash virus creates autorun.inf file that is a system, hidden and read only file. This file can run the mail file of this virus that is also on this pen drive. When a user double-clicks the files on the pen drive that are the subsidiary files for autorun.inf, the virus put its copy on the computer.

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How can we solve this problem? We should remove all pen drive viruses. But firstly we should deactivate Autorun on your pen flash not to infect your computer:

1. Open Start menu, select Run and type “gpedit.msc” (without quotes) and press enter. It can open Group policy editor.
2. Find Administrative templates, then choose System, double-click Turn off Autoplay, press Enabled under Settings.
3. Select All Drives in the drop down menu and click OK.

The next your step after the Insertion of any pen drive should be to scan it for viruses with the help of the antivirus program you use. Never open flash drive before opening it. Also you can use Free Commander. Free Commander is an explorer-program like Windows explorer. You should download and install it. Open your pen drive with its help. Check if there are any viral files like autorun.inf, Ravmon.exe, Funny UST Scandal.avi.exe, New Folder.exe or some others that you have never created or copied, delete all of these suspicious files from your flash drive.

If your pen drive is infected, you should format it. But if you have some very useful and necessary files on you should follow these steps in order to save them on your computer:

1. Insert the pen drive in your computer.
2. Open My computer. Don’t open the flash drive; it’s better to get access to its contents by typing the drive letter. For example, type g: and press enter. (if it is reflected as g letter in My computer)
3. Copy all the needed important information, close the window and then you can format the pen drive.

If you have some suspicions that malicious files are still on your pen drive, than you can remove them with the help of Command prompt:

1. Insert the infected pen drive, but don’t open it.
2. Open Commend Prompt (by pressing Win+R button). And type here cmd. Then type drive letter: (the letter of your pen drive) and hit enter. Type dir/w/a and again enter.
3. If you can see the viral files there, then type in Command Prompt attrib -r -a -s -h *.* and press enter. This action will delete all the Hidden, System, Read Only and Archive file attribute from all the files. Then delete the viral files themselves by typing del filename (filename means the name of the viral file), for example del Ravmon.exe.

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And finally, after all these steps you can scan your pen drive for viruses using any antivirus program, just to be sure that all pen drive viruses were removed.

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