Autorun.inf virus removal – Exorcise the demon from your computer?

16 Oct

The external drives as for example USB Flash drive, USB hard disk and MP3 Players are the most spreader of computer worm infection. If the computer is already infected by this worms, so it will constantly infect any other drives that will be inserted in your computer.

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Worms can spread, creating its copies and all of them develop from autorun.inf file. It is very important to delete all the autorun.inf files not only from the computers but also from USB Drive. Autorun.inf worm is dangerous also because of its malicious activity. Autorun.inf worm configure itself so that every time you startup your computer this virus is starting automatically either. Autorun.inf worm can create files with some strange names, for example: clshky.cmd, jun.exe, winonfig.dll.vbs and many others. You can guess about the presence of this worm by the considerable slowdown of your computer performance.

In order to remove autorun.inf worm you can try Flash Desinfector. But if this utility will not help you, the instructions given bellow can help you to delete malicious files from the infected drives. So you can easily remove autorun.inf worm and all its files from your computer, downloading AVG 8.0 or any other reliable antivirus. If the antivirus cannot delete the virus in Normal Mode, then try to delete booting your PC in Safe Mode.

But sometimes after the removal of the autorun.inf worm itself you still cannot open hidden folders and files and also C or D disks from my computer. In order to solve this problem you should boot your computer in Safe Mode and then open My computer Properties and enable the system restore function. Then you should reset your computer and boot it in Command Prompt Mode and type the following there and press enter:

ATTRIB Autorun.inf -H -S -R.
if the file is found in the Drive then give.
DEL Autorun.inf.

You can do all this for every of your drives, but every time you will have to reboot your PC after each of the drives. And if this instruction also will not helpful for you then you may try to use HijackThis utility. Just download it and run, clicking “Do a system scan only” button. After the scanning process you should put ticks in the check-box of the following lines if they exist:

hijackthis entries

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Then you should close all the windows of programs and browser, except HijackThis window and press there “Fix Checked” button.

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