Pen drive virus – Quick removal instructions

2 Mar

So-called pen drive brings a lot of problems with spreading computer viruses. They become one of the most suitable carriers for various types of viruses and introduce a problem of pen drive virus removal. Pen drives might be infected when you save a virus-infected file to a pen drive and when you use a pen drive with a virus-infected PC. If you pen drive got infected, it can infect any other computer that you plug it in, and then the system become a virus-spreading store.

Viruses on the pen drive infect your Windows system when you double click on the pen drive icon in your My Computer window. Viruses create an “autorun.inf” file with a “system” , “hidden” and “read only” attributes on your pen drive. This file points to the virus EXE that is somewhere on the drive and started when pen drive icon is double clicked.

How to remove pen drive virus?

Manual removal of pen drive virus is possible; however, if it is not performed correctly, then your pen drive might be damaged. That is why I would advise anyone to use the special utility for the pen virus removal because it knows most of the virus tricks and can follow instructions without errors better than humans. One of these utilities is FREE and you can download it from this page.

DownloadDownload Removal Tool


Steps for manual removal?

  • Insert your pen drive into USB port.
  • If a dialog box opens automatically, select “cancel”. Do not double-click on the drive icon to open the drive.
  • Click “Start” and then “Run”.
  • Type “cmd” and press “Enter” to open Command Prompt window.
  • Type the drive identification letter, for example, “H” with a colon (“:”) at the end, and press “Enter” to open the root directory of the drive.
  • Type “dir/w/o/a/p” and press “Enter” again to display a list of files and folders on the flash drive.
  • Look for file names that you never had copied or created yourself. Look for files with fancy names like scandal.avi.exe, ravmon.exe, etc., and especially one that sounds like newfolder.exe, that is wide known name for this kind of virus.
  • Delete these files by typing “del autorun.inf” and pressing enter.

Steps for the removal of invisible virus files protected from the removal?

In Command Prompt window type your drive letter, followed by colon and back clash, for example “H:\.”, and then press Enter. Input “attrib -s -r -h *.*” at the new prompt. After you press Enter, all malicious file that are invisible will appear, and the attributes that protect them from the removal will be disabled. Then, you will be able to remove pen drive virus files.


Why viruses might appear on a pen drive after removal?

If you clean the pen drive from viruses but surprisingly found that they are back on the drive, then it happens because your computer is also infected and runs a virus program that infect USB devices any time when you plug them in USB ports. The viruses that reside in your system copy themselves to any USB drive connected to the USB port on your PC. Therefore, you have to clean your system first; otherwise, pen drive virus cannot be removed from USB device.

The last security resort

It is not that easy task and frequent following the instruction for manual removal is quite irritating. But there is no need to trouble your life if there is a FREE utility that might do the job more professionally. The New Folder Removal Tool is designed to find and remove USB viruses and might be used as a last wall of defense when the antivirus fails.

DownloadDownload Removal Tool


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  1. When I insert a pen drive in my computer suddenly a naked woman appeared in my every folders, and click in that icon then a message shown is ” I am Rubel. i am already ruining, RB I like you Ha ha ha!RB_company”, and try to delete several times but could not deleted it. Please,Could you help me to remove this virus? Really, I will be grateful to you forever.With Thanks. Noor-Bangladesh.

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