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Video tutorials for the New Folder.exe virus removal

New Folder.exe virus can penetrate your computer or pen drive, although you should remove this kind of virus both from your computer and from your removable drive. There are some cases when you cannot use different manual methods in order to remove Newfolder Virus from your computer. So there are some strange things in your system:

  1. You cannot change the home page of your Internet browser.
  2. You cannot run any program from the start menu.
  3. You have no access to the folder options, to your Task Manager and even to your Command Prompt.

But don’t think that there is no way-out from this situation. We are going to introduce you several simple methods with the detailed instructions for New Folder.exe virus removal. So, if you are going to remove New Folder.exe virus from your computer:

  1. Download the special removal tool from
  2. Install the removal tool on your PC
  3. Run the program by double-clicking the icon of it. And wait about 10-30 minutes
  4. When the scan will end you should click on Next button to remove the found malicious files.
  5. After that you should download and run HijackThis from Trend Micro, it will remove the infection from your registry.
  6. After the scan you should put the ticks into the check boxes of the following lines:
  7. O4-HKCU\..\Run:[Yahoo Messengger] C:Windows\System32\RVHOST.exe
    F2-REG:system.ini: Shell=Explorer.exe RVHOST.exe

    and some other lines that belong to the virus.

  8. Click Fix Checked button to remove the malicious registry entries.

If these instructions are too hard for you to understand you can follow the exact actions, watching this video tutorial:

If this method was not useful for you, then you can follow the instruction from this video:

Here you will find the easiest way how to remove New Folder.exe virus, by downloading New Folder.exe virus removal tool. If you want to remove virus only from your pen drive, so you can use the following instructions:

  1. Put your pen drive into the PC and press Shift button and hold it for 10 seconds in order to stop the autorun of the drive and the viruses that are going to penetrate your computer.
  2. Start winRAR, select your pen drive and find unwanted program files like
  3. autorun .inf
    RECYCLER folder
    New Folder.exe

  4. And delete them using Shift+Del buttons.
  5. Then you should remove the pen drive manually without the removal from the tray.

So the detailed description of this method you can find here:

and also here:

We can advise you also another method if all the previous ones were not useful for you. So, try this one:

  1. You should download anti-virus program from this site:
  2. Download Restriction Removal Tool from this link
  3. Run the software, then check the boxes of the lines that are the reasons of all your problems and click remove.
  4. Download Spybot from this link:

  6. And scan your computer with this special tool.

You can find this method with the detailed description here in this video tutorial:

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