Worm Autorun CXL – Removal Procedure

20 Jan

If you have Worm Autorun.cxl infection, then possibly you will not able to use your antivirus or open any Internet Security sites. Even if you have numerous amounts of empty folders with the name Worm Autorun.cxl, don’t give up the fight with the infection.

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So, firstly you should be sure that you have exactly Worm Autorun.cxl, so look through the signs that attest about the presence of this infection of your computer. Your computer performance will be slowed down greatly, because it takes most part of the CPU in order to perform its malicious processes and actions, for example the virus can show pop-up ads. You can be sure that you have Worm Autorun.cxl if currently you can get a lot of system error messages, your computer works more slowly than early, your Windows system crashes or you cannot get access to your hard drive. Even if you can answer yes only 2 of the enumerated symptoms, then possibly your computer is in a great danger.

This virus is able to collect and send your e-mail friends addresses to e-mail spammer, and also unexpectedly send e-mail messages from your computer without your knowledge or permission. If you notice that a great amount of e-mail messages were send from your computer without your participation in it, then your computer surely infected. Worm Autorun.cxl will prevent you from computer work and demonstrate you annoying pop-ups from the web sites for adults. If your computer is under the hackers total control, then it can be absolutely useless for you, because you will not make it work properly. Worm Autorun.cxl like some other threats can change the settings of your computer, change your homepage to another one, and it will be impossible to change it back. Also you can notice that some new shortcuts and toolbar in your Internet Explorer without your knowing about it.

In order to get rid of all these disorder on your computer, you should get rid of Worm Autorun.cxl in safe Mode with Networking. For that you should boot your computer, and repeatedly and choose safe Mode with Networking. But still to perform fast and safe removal we recommend you to use PC safe Doctor, because Worm Autorun.cxl can hide itself deep in system files and mask its files as legitimate system files. And if you don’t manage to delete all the files of this infection, then the rest of them can cause some serious problems with the launch of programs and even Windows crush.

You can use the following manual instructions to remove Worm Autorun.cxl:

1. Boot your computer in Safe Mode (the instructions are given above).
2. Back up your system.
3. Remove the files associated with Worm Autorun.cxl:

%UserProfile%\Application Data\defender.exe
%Documents and Settings%\[UserName]\Start Menu\ Scan.lnk

4. Open Registry editor (Press Windows+R, and type regedit in Command Prompt). Then find and delete the following registry entries:

registry entries

DownloadDownload Removal Tool

5. It is possibly for WORM/Autorun.cxl.worm to load by hiding within the system WIN.INI file and the strings “run=” and “load=“. So you must check carefully in order to thoroughly remove it from your computer.
6. Then clean IE temporary files.
But sometimes it is impossible to remove all the rest viral files, then after all these actions you can use Newfolder Removal Tool or any other antimalware program.strong

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