Flash Drive Virus – Remove it here

24 Aug

All the Flash drives and other external media are very convenient and handy storage equipment that is usually used for transferring some data from one computer to another. Because of this fact that this storage device is very easy-to-use, the rate of cases of computer infection increases. Flash drive is the common external media that everyone has.

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Any flash drive can be infected because of its unsafe usage. For example you can insert it in the computer that is already infected, because there is no antivirus program on it, and you can save any viral file on your flash drive from this computer. The infected portable drive can spread the viruses into other computer, if you will use it without antivirus scanning.

flash drive virus

All portable drive viruses can be very dangerous, so you should find the method how to remove Flash drive Virus, otherwise they can deactivate some very important services for your PC, for example Task Manager, Command Prompt, Registry Editor, Policy Editor and also some flash drives can hide Folder Option in the Task menu of the computer.

Commonly flash drive viruses appear on the computer with the names like some system processes and files and also there are other viruses that use flash drives to spread themselves, such as Ravmon, New Folder.exe and others. After the infecting, viral processes hide your personal files on the flash drive and show malicious files as yours. And if you try to open your files, so you run the viral processes. And of course you need to deactivate autorun ability of your flash drive, because viruses run together with autorun and copy themselves on your computer. So, you can download Tweak UI and disable the autorun of your flash drive with its help.

It is hard to remove Flash drive viruses, because usual anti-virus programs cannot notice them, and if antivirus programs notice them then they are not able to delete them, just keep them in quarantine. Bur there are methods that you can use to delete Flash drive virus.

So, insert your flash drive, then you cannot see the autorun window of it, because you disable this option. If not, then don’t click OK, just Cancel. Then you should open the Command prompt (by pressing Windows+R keys) and type cmd, then type the letter that designate the flash drive on your computer and press enter. Then type dir/w/a and again press Enter. After these actions you will see the list of the files on your flash drive. You should check if some malicious or suspicious files are there, for example Autorun.inf, Ravmon.exe, New Folder.exe, svchost.exe and others. If you see them there, so your flash drive is seriously infected. To remove these flash viruses type attrib -r -a -s -h *.* and press enter. This action can delete all the hidden files. Then you should delete the viral files; just type del filename (you should type the name of the suspicious file that you see on your flash drive instead the word filename).

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And after all these actions you can scan your flash drive for viruses to delete the rest of malicious files. And also don’t forget to scan your computer with the help of new updated anti-virus program in order to prevent the further infection process of your flash drive and stop a spreading process of some flash drive viruses.

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