Tools to remove Autorun virus

10 Apr

Autorun virus is a dangerous malware that uses Autorun.inf file to perform its malicious actions. If you have an autorun.inf virus in USB drive, it will start executing and infecting your computer each time you insert the removable media and open it. The cyber criminals use the virus to steal passwords, usernames, account numbers, credit card number and other personal information from your PC. Thus, be sure to remove the virus as soon as possible.

There are two ways to remove the virus: a manual and an automatic. But be aware that no manual solution can compare with an automatic one in effectiveness and speed. The easiest and quickest solution to any computer problem is to download an automatic tool designed by specialists in this area. This will ensure 100% riddance of the problem. There are various specialized tools advertised on the Internet. Here we present you with a chart of top five tools that will help you to remove autorun virus.

5. Alfa Autorun Killer

alfa autorun killer

The tool is designed to block all threats spreading through USB drives. It has a powerful search and removal tool that would help to get rid of existing infections. Also, it has a Process Manager, which functions the same way as the Windows Task Manager and lets you kill one or more processes. However, the software does not provide real time protection as it promises, the interface is not user-friendly. Our verdict: The tool does not require many computer resources and works on most Windows versions. But it needs serious improvements including a less complicated interface and a detailed manual to help its users.

4. Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool

kaspersky virus removal tool

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool is not specially designed to remove autorun virus but it is a good solution to a number of problems on your PC. It can be downloaded even on infected computers. The installation process is very easy and quick and the interface is intuitive. There is a serious drawback though, the program is uneasy to delete from your PC. Kaspersky receive many complaints from users who are not happy with the uninstallation process that does not always ensure full removal of the tool.

3. Autorun Eater

autorun eater

Autorun Eater is a specialized tool that scans your system for suspicious autorun.ini files and deletes malicious ones. The tool is also able to fix several common registry errors that are caused by autorun.ini files and delete leftover files that stop removable drives from opening. Autorun Eater is a good and efficient tool that needs few resources and does not conflict with antivirus tools.

2. Autorun Virus Remover

autorun virus remover

The Autorun Virus Remover is an automatic removal tool that protects your computer from various viruses and bugs trying to attack it through USB flash drive. The software scans your PC, blocks and then removes autorun virus and other malware in USB. The program will also help if you are unable to open hard disk or USB by double-clicking or have new folder.exe virus. The tool supports all kinds of USB and does not solve down your PC.

1. NewFolder Removal Tool

newfolder removal tool

NewFolder Removal Tool is number one in our chart for its 100% effectiveness and a very user-friendly interface. With this specialized tool, developed by SecurityStronghold, perfect removal of Autorun virus, New Folder virus and other malicious folders is just one click away. The program does not only remove the infection, it also fixes all problems caused by Autorun and New Folder viruses. The tool will save your system from annoying problems. In addition, if you are facing a more difficult case, Live Support will help you to fix it

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