Newfolder Removal Tool

Newfolder Removal Tool – Remove New Folder virus and new folders appearing everywhere in one click!
Get rid of New Folder virus infection (also known as Iddono) and remove malicious folders appearing everywhere in one click with this automated Removal Tool. The program cures all known modifications of Newfolder virus and fixes associated performance issues and “cannot open drive” error messages.

Other anti viruses delete the virus itselve but leave a lot of problems caused by it like when you can’t open disks, drives or folders, get error messages, face corrupted registry settings or malfunction of some legitimate Windows components.

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On the countrary, Newfolder Removal Tool knows all possible consequences of New folder virus and not only removes Newfolder infection itself but fixes all associated Newfolder problems as well, so your system is safe and sound again. Additionally, Live Support will help you in eliminating Newfolder virus infection in difficult cases.

newfolder virus remover

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Newfolder Removal Tool: 5 Star by FreshShare

Newfolder Removal Tool 5 Stars Award

Newfolder Removal Tool 5 Stars Award

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6 Replies to “Newfolder Removal Tool

  1. hi,
    One of our computers got effected with newfolder virus ,after installing this, it showed some effected files but after deleting those computer is not getting logged in . It is getting logged off just after logging in . I don’t remember the files it deleted . Not getting the bios options too .Very Bad.


  2. Dear Learner,

    NewFolder Removal Tool should not be able to remove essential system files.
    What version of Windows you have?


  3. I am using eset antivirus version 9.381 (trial) version to choose that it will be the best or not to remove virus from my computer, if it will successful, then I try to use the same antivirus software . But I am not satisfied because it is not removes any new foder virus, when I clik the new folder it shut down the machine again and again. What I do pl. suggest me.

  4. Problem at dowloading files. Cant install the programme. Windows XP as your video.
    And another question. I have 10 LAN computers and if i plug a Usb with newfolder virus to one of those computers will the virus spread on all computers itself ???

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